Classroom101 Terms of Use

By making use of the Classroom101 website and marketplace, you agree with the following terms and conditions. We may update the Terms of Use at any time.

Being a Classroom101 Vendor

  • All teacher created materials will be uploaded by the vendor who created the materials.
  • It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that the product has featured images.
  • Classroom101 Vendors can, at any time, remove their products from the Classroom101 website by deleting it from their Vendor Dashboard.
  • Classroom101 Payouts occur every month if the total commission earned during the period exceeds R50.
  • Vendors can track commission earned on their Dashboard.
  • Material hosted on Classroom101 may be sold on other teacher marketplaces.
  • Vendors set their own prices, although these prices may not be below R10.   Classroom101 reserves the right to change the minimum amount at any time.
  • Once-off registration fees of R250 are payable by vendors by EFT before activation of your vendor account on classroom101.
  • Monthly rental of R150 is due by each vendor and this amount will be deducted before payments are made each month.
  • Commission of 25% is payable to Classroom101 on every product sold.
  • Your shop and products may not contain links, email addresses or phone numbers to contact you personally for sales.


  • Copyright on products sold is owned by the vendors.
  • It is the vendor’s responsibility that all images and information contained in their products does not breach any copyright and that all work is their own.
  • In the event that a copyright breach is reported, it will be removed immediately and be investigated with the concerned vendor.
  • Classroom101 does not take any responsibility for copyright breaches by vendors on the website.

Making use of Classroom101 content

  • No material hosted on Classroom101 may be reproduced without consent from Classroom101 or the concerned vendor. This includes but is not limited to images, articles and links.
  • Vendors may have different terms of use for making use of their products (such as copying a worksheet for a classroom).
  • Classroom101 does not take responsibility for any damage caused by products downloaded from the Classroom101 website such as malware.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they have the appropriate software to open and to make use of the products sold on Classroom101.

Community Guidelines

  • Users who wish to comment on blog posts are welcome as long as it does not contain any form of hate speech or advertisements.
  • Advertisers on Classroom101 are not necessarily endorsed by Classroom101.
  • Classroom101will never sell or distribute contact details gathered from the shopping process.

Payment & Refunds

  • Payment takes place through Payfast and does not take place on Classroom101.
  • Classroom101 does not have access to any banking details.
  • Buyers will be redirected to Payfast where secure online payment will take place. The buyer will be redirected to Classroom101where downloads will be enabled.
  • When adding more than one product to the cart, or more than one of the same product of the cart, means that the customer buys multiple licenses to use the products.
  • Digital products on Classroom101 are non-refundable.
  • The customer need to ensure they order the correct product according to their needs.
  • No products will be emailed directly and all items bought must be downloaded from
  • If you have purchased a physical product and wish to return it because of damage or misrepresentation, you need to contact us within 7 days of receiving your product.  The procuct may then be returned to the vendor on the customer’s own account.  Once the vendor have received the product back in its original condition and upon inspection is happy with the condition, the customer will be refunded the value of the product only, excluding shipment fees.
  • A R5 transaction fee will be added to every order more than R0,00.

You may contact us with any queries at