CAPS: Grade 10: Week 1: Building self confidence


The purpose of this lesson is to help students to grasp the value of self confidence, recognise their strenghts and weaknesses and to discover techniques to enhance their confidence.


Discussion includes: Encourage students to share personal experiences where they have felt confident and how it has helped them. This will create a safe and open environment for students to express themselves.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses:
Self-confidence is closely related to one’s self-awareness. To help students build their confidence, they need to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Divide the class into groups and ask them to list down their strengths and weaknesses. This activity will not only help students recognize their positive qualities but also areas where they can improve.

Role-playing is an effective way to help students practice and build their self-confidence. Assign different scenarios to groups of students, such as giving a presentation, asking for help, or standing up to a bully. Ask students to act out the scenarios and then discuss how their behavior and attitude can affect their confidence levels.

Positive affirmations:
Teach students the power of positive affirmations. Ask them to write down positive affirmations and say them out loud to themselves. This will help them develop a positive self-image and improve their self-confidence. 


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